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CIS DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION, INC. is a non-profit, tax-exempt (501(c)(3)) American organization dedicated to assisting in the revival of Russia's (and other Republics of the Former Soviet Union) economy and cultural heritage for the mutual benefit of America and Russia by sending them non-monetary aid.


The goal of CISDF is to assist in the economic development of the CIS, which is temporarily in dire straits, by donating humanitarian aid  (clothing and shoes, personal care items, household supplies, and toys.).


All assistance is shipped to CIS's non-profit organizations, schools, hospitals, nursing homes, homes for the disabled, orphanages, churches, etc. CISDF wishes "Not to feed, but to help in the production of food! Not to clothe, but to help in the production of clothing!"



The CIS has a wealth of natural resources, a well-educated population and a diverse industrial base. However, it continues to experience formidable difficulties in moving from its old centrally planned economy to a modern, market economy. With the fall of communism, the economy has undergone deep changes and is unable to provide a sufficient standard of living for all of its citizens. Much of the population needs food, clothing, medicine and consumer goods. CIS republics do not have the updated technology needed to develop and use all of their resources.

The lack of technology has had a negative effect on the health of millions of people; life expectancy has decreased, social instability and political tension in the country are on the rise. CISDF’s goal is to change this downward trend by assisting the CIS in its development.




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