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                                  HOW DOES CISDF WORK






During 2013-2014 fiscal year, we  shipped 104 countainers with humanitarian and technical assistance in the amount of $35,040,327 USD  to needy people and organizations in the countries of the former Soviet Union and around the world. Humanitarian cargo included clothing and shoes, medical supplies, personal care products, cleaning supplies, home supply and school supplies.


The destination of the containers include Russia (1 containers), Ukraine (35 containers), Georgia (2 containers), Kirgizia (2 container), Moldova (5 containers), Lithuania (20 containers), Estonia (7 containers), Kazakhstan (1 container),  Belarus (9 containers), Guyana ( 2 container), Greece (5 containers), Azerbaijan (10 containers),  Armenia (5 containers). Charitable assistance of CISDF reached more than 1 million people, mostly orphaned children, the elderly, the infirm, single mothers and mothers with many children, low-income citizens, and the unemployed. 


Our headquarters and warehouse are located in East Brunswick,  New Jersey, USA where we collect office supplies, industrial equipment, clothing and shoes, toys and personal care items. We have affiliates and representatives in a number of cities of the C.I.S. Our representatives will ensure that every donated item goes to its assigned destination. 

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